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Hire Television Crew Trainees

We have set up this category for the people who are new to the industry or whose experience is not up to the "A" list standards yet. This would be the area where you may find someone to train up to your requirements or simply try out if your first choice people are booked.

With the TV and corporate production business being as fluctuating and unpredictable as we all know is, we are trying to maintain a balance between the number of crew in our lists and actual demand. We strongly believe that new blood should have a fair go in the industry and the Trainee List is the one place where they can get exposure and the chance to be discovered. The natural progression would be to be transfered in the main list once experience and skills have reached the appropriate levels.

Have a browse below to the people currently in the Trainee List and feel free to contact us for any further information. They have all been interviewed and assessed personally by the company principal, so feel confident that they perform their duties to the fullest.

  • Tim Burbank
  • Trainee / Camera Assistant / Assistant EditorSydney (NSW)
  • Soreya Soeun
  • Trainee / Camera Assistant / RunnerSydney (NSW)
  • Cameron Johnson
  • Trainee / Camera Assistant / RunnerSydney (NSW)
  • Nathanuel Ireland
  • Trainee / Lighting Assistant / Camera AssistantSydney (NSW)
  • Courtney Stephens
  • Trainee / Production Assistant / RunnerSydney (NSW)
  • Jason Martin
  • Trainee / Camera Assistant / RunnerSydney (NSW)
  • Isabel Macmaster
  • Trainee / Runner / Production AssistantSydney (NSW)
  • Mitchell Orme
  • Trainee / Runner / Production AssistantSydney (NSW)
  • Gianluca Querin
  • Trainee / Production Assistant / RunnerSydney (NSW)