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Calling All Crew - Book & Hire Television Crew - Booking Service for Television Freelance Crew

Regular 'A' List
What Is It?

This is the core list that CAC and the clients use most of the time. Most members have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and each member average 4.5 years with us. This allows us to know their strengths, idiosyncrasies and personalities which is why our clients rely on us to provide them with the right skills and the right people.

What You Get
  1. Detailed information of your bookings including dates, venues, clients, contacts and relevant information per booking
  2. Updates of your direct bookings
  3. Uploading of your bookings daily on our website for real time viewing
  4. Contacting you via phone, SMS or email for bookings or availability
  5. Acting as your agent to clients
  6. Promoting and advertising the crew to the local and international market place
  7. Information and advice relating to the industry
What It Costs

There is no joining fee. You pay $110 (GST inclusive) per month, payable quarterly in advance.

Crew who are not based in Sydney pay half the above price.