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Calling All Crew - Book & Hire Television Crew - Booking Service for Television Freelance Crew

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How It Works


Calling All Crew is a television crew agency that:

  • Manages your day to day bookings
  • Allocates jobs to you as per clients' request
  • Provide information re your details
  • Promote the crew via advertising, the web and direct contacts

Calling All Crew is using a custom made computer program that allow us to bring up “on the fly” any information regarding bookings, availability, allocations, clients etc. It is imperative that you advise us of your direct bookings if you get booked direct so we can keep the most accurate records which keeps our and your reputation in tact.

Clients call us and request particular crew either by name or by skill. We advise what crew are available and if requested we will offer an impartial recommendation for the best people for the job. Clients also have the option to search on our website for skills and availability and select crew based on whom they know or whose bio matches their requirements. The website provide the same information we maintain in our computers and it is updated on an hourly basis. This service is unique to our industry both locally and worldwide.

The cost to be listed in the regular crew, ("A" list) is $110 per month inc. GST paid quarterly in advance.

Crew who are not based in Sydney pay half the above rate.

For the Apprentice list the cost is $55 per month inc. GST

For the Trainees the cost is $220 per year inc. GST