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Crew Testimonials




Maria Karambelas (Calling all Crew) has been my agent for over seven years.  The thing I love about Maria is that she doesn’t just sit there and wait for the work to come to her, she chases it on my behalf, and all those on her books, by doing that I am continually updating my Australian and International client list.   The fact that Maria is based in Sydney, while I am a Melbourne based cameraman has never been an issue, although I do miss out on the agency barbecues, for this Maria does come to Melbourne during the year to touch base with all crew on her books and chase those Melbourne client’s that become hard to catch.

When travelling I divert all business calls to Maria as I know she will always act in my best interests.   Needless to say, I think of Maria more as my business partner than my agent and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Should you have any questions regarding my testimonial please call/email, more than happy to talk


Yours sincerely,

Dennis Parker