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Calling All Crew - Book & Hire Television Crew - Booking Service for Television Freelance Crew

Crew Testimonials

Ashley Scott


Calling All Crew has played a major role in our Business from their beginning, around the same time of my arrival in Sydney, February 1990.  
I guess, these words are almost 25 years in the making. 
This is an industry where everyone knows each other;  this small world, this large extended family where we all work, live and sometimes play.  
With Calling All Crew, it's not just the family spirit, or the friendships made along the way, it's the Business Partnerships,
the Professional Backup, the Team Spirit and a great Support Network.
 Schedules and bookings are constantly changing, projects moving, call times and deadlines shifting, Calling All Crew has consistently
been able to supply crew, backup crew and support staff for many Television Productions and Events in Australia and around the World.  
I have no hesitation in recommending Maria and the team at Calling All Crew to draw on their catalogue of talented, experienced Technical
and Production personnel to provide services and equipment for the highest quality product; from the largest live Broadcast spectacular to
the smallest Corporate video.  The history and longevity of Calling All Crew speaks for itself. 
Ashley Scott
Freelance Camera Operator
Sydney, Australia.