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About Calling All Crew
Hire TV Crew Groups Australia

Calling All Crew was established in 1990 by Maria Karambelas and is one of the most respected group of freelance television technicians in Australia.  Many production companies, both national and international, and the television networks especially in Sydney have been utilising our website since its inception. As an added personal service, Maria is contactable for advice of the right group of TV crew or individuals of all levels of experience.

Calling All Crew is the first agent to have created a group of young and up and coming crew to help get a start in the industry.  We have three levels of listing, trainees for young people out of college or even mature people wanting to make a change in their career.  Apprentice level is for crew who have had a couple of years' experience but the main "A" list must have five years' broadcast credits to be placed on that section.

Maria Karambelas (nee Stunt)

Maria Karambelas (Stunt)Maria's career began in 1973 working for Palings Music House, progressing to 2GB in 1974 and eventually graduated to the television sector in 1975.

She held various positions, including secretary at Radio 2GB, production assistant at ATN 7, co-producer, DA, co-ordinator and researcher at SBS TV, music aquisitioner for MTV and production manager/consultant for TV Personnel Australia, just to name a few.

In 1990 Maria started her own company, Calling All Crew which she still manages single-handedly today. One of the reasons why CAC is has been a success from day one was because it was built with the premise to simplify how to book crew.

Calling All Crew has been going from strength to strength each year since its inception. Impeccable service, attention to detail and passion are the elements that motivate Maria in her daily quest to provide the best service.

But the real soul of CAC is the crew themselves. They all are top professionals in their fields with years of experience and wide recognition in the industry. Maria goes the extra mile in interviewing personally each individual so we maintain high quality standards.

Embracing the latest technology, (a scary step in Maria’s language), she designed the framework of a custom built software application which runs Calling All Crew today. She was one of the first in the industry to embrace the web and develop a dynamic web site in keeping with all the changes modern technology brings.

In 2004 Calling All Crew  was upgraded to new levels, extending the services 24/7 in a state of the art interactive, real time, web based engine. Clients that require to book crew can log in and search for crew, skills and bookings.

One of Maria’s strong business attributes is her commitment to service, so she will always be accessible by phone, email or in person, no matter how busy she is.

Bill Karambelas

Bill KarambelasBill joined Calling All Crew in the capacity of Marketing and Technical Manager in 2003. He brings in the expertise of four decades professional career in Sales and Marketing management, mainly in the multinational IT corporate sector.

Blending the business practices of big corporations with the creative attitude of our industry reflects the way CAC operates today: small, sleek, responsive, using cutting edge technology to automate procedures yet maintaining the all important human interaction with crew and clients.

Working in the background and away from the day to day operations, Bill maintains a birds eye view of the various elements that affect and shape both CAC and the industry: New technologies, evolving requirements, new players and skills are some of the topics he takes into account for the company's future directions.